Frequently Asked Questions

Directions for use?
Each bottle contains 60, 500mg pills of Horny Goat Weed extract (standardized to 20% icariins). The usual dose is 1 to 4 pills. Horny Goat weed can be taken by both male and female.

What's a extract?
An extract is the concentrated form of the herb. In this case it takes about 15kg of dried herb to make 1kg of extract.

Do i need low libido to take horny goat weed?
No. Horny Goat Weed can be taken by anyone regardless of whether you suffer any dysfunction problems or not.

Should I be worried about side effects?
People often assume that natural products are always well tolerated and free of side effects. However, this is simply not the case. It is reasonable to assume that any natural product with the capability to have medicinal properties may also have side effects. Horny Goat Weed us usually well tolerated, however some patients may suffer mild side effects such as Dizziness, vomiting, or dry mouth. In some cases more serious side effects such as nosebleeds, easy bruising, rapid heart rate or signs of an allergic reaction, such as: A rash, hives, itching, wheezing or other difficulty breathing have been reported. If you suffer any side effect stop taking and consult with your health professional. Research reveals little or no information regarding adverse reactions with the use of this product.

What about drug interactions?
There has been no research to determine whether horny goat weed may have drug interactions, however its thought it can potentially interact with certain medications. In particular, the following: High blood pressure medications, Anticoagulant or anti-platelet medications, and anti-inflammatory drugs. If you are on medications or have any health problems consult your health professional before use.

Where's it manufactured?
Our Horny Goat Weed pills are manufactured in New Zealand, from Horny Goat weed that's been cultivated and extracted in china.

How quick can I get my order?
All orders are processed and sent within New Zealand using overnight courier, you will be emailed a tracking number when your order has been shipped. International deliveries can take 5 – 12 days.

Do you deliver to my country?
We have many customers outside New Zealand, and deliver everywhere in the world except Norway and Iceland.

How do I purchase?
The easiest is to use your credit card via our encrypted and secure online order form, however we can also accept payments via bank transfer or you may send us a cheque. Please contact us if you wish to use any method other than creditcard. All prices are in New Zealand dollars.

Do you do discreet delivery?
Yes. Your item will be sent in a courier bag, with no mention of our company or the contents of the package. The billing on your credit card will not mention anything to do with this product or anything untoward. We use various different banks to process orders so the name will change from time to time, you will be emailed the billing descriptor once we have billed your card.

Do you offer a Guarantee?
Yes. We are so confident in our product we offer you a full 60 days to try it, and if you are not 100% satisfied you may return them for a refund. We will refund you on any number of unopened bottles and up to 1 open bottle even if its empty.